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     1## Please edit system and help pages ONLY in the moinmaster wiki! For more 
     2## information, please see MoinMaster:MoinPagesEditorGroup. 
     5#acl MoinPagesEditorGroup:read,write,delete,revert All:read 
     6#format wiki 
     7#language en 
     8InterWiki links are a quick way to refer to information in other wikis, without having to remember 
     9cryptic URLs. To write an InterWiki link, just use the InterWiki moniker of the foreign wiki,  
     10followed by a page name on that wiki.  
     11Of course, InterWiki links are not rendered differently when the remote page does not exist, and 
     12MoinMoin cannot check whether you followed the rules for WikiName``s of the other wiki. 
     13So double-check what you type. 
     14See the wiki:MeatBall/InterWiki page on wiki:MeatBall:MeatballWiki for further details. 
     16List of valid InterWiki names this wiki knows of (the master copy of this list is at MoinMaster:InterWikiMap): 
     19MoinMoin marks the InterWiki links in a way that works for the MeatBall:ColourBlind and also is MeatBall:LynxFriendly by using a little icon with an ALT attribute. If you hover above the icon in a graphical browser, you'll see to which Wiki it refers. BTW, the reasoning behind the icon used is based on the idea that a Wiki:WikiWikiWeb is created by a team effort of several people.