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CELO implementation

Meeting Summaries


Data Models

Figure 1: Graph Visualization of Schema v.1.3

v1.3.1 schema graph

Figure 2: Extended Schema (v.1.2)

image alternate model with class hierarchy

Toolkits for management of local data

CELO Data import notes


  • perhaps demographic info should be split from what needs to be seen (FS_ID, PLE_ID?)
  • Rows 222-226 have weird prefix (NRP,NRM,NRF)--are these NOP? Should they be A?
  • marker C is "child" and B is biological parent of C
  • "Birth Order" and "Age at Onset" are not always numbers ("1 or 2", "<15?");
  • disease state: clean "No" text from a few of these columns, also some numbers (37A in H169 has "38197"??)


  • placeholders should be made for samples w/o inventory locations: hair, fingernails, N/R (verified at Aug15 meeting)


  • 'nd' means the same as blank (verified at Aug15 meeting)

Initial Evaluation

  • Evaluation of version 1 of CELO with Stevens lab data, as compared against Spreadsheet, Fall 2007- Winter 2008
  • Evaluation plan