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This page contains some information regarding the conversion of the FMA into OWL full as performed by Natasha Noy at Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research (BMIR).


The following page from the NCBO wiki contains a white paper detailing the conversion of the FMA into OWL full. It also contains download links to the FMA OWL ontology as well as the application used to generate it.

Additional Instructions:

To open the FMA in OWL (these instructions are in addition to those found on the NCBO wiki):

  • unzip both files in the same directory
  • start Protege, giving it as much memory as you can (ideally 1.6G)
  • ask it to open the file fmaOwlFullComponent_2_0.owl
  • at some point it will come back with a dialog saying that it cannot find the imported ontology -- click "Add repository"
  • in the wizard that follows, select the "Local file" and on the next screen, point it to the fmaOwlDlComponent_2_0.owl file

It will takes about 40 minutes to open, but after that things are fast.

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