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Dicom Reader using LONI's Image IO


This requires downloading LONI's image io library (url) and then figuring out what and how metadata is stored after the stack is loaded.


Once you are familiar with what the metadata holds, you need to generate the transform 4x4 that takes voxel indices (x, y, z) and turns them into mm coordinates. This can be done with just the volume orientation (is x coronal or sagittal), the voxel size in mm and the central voxel (where is 0mm, 0mm, omm).

Image Stack to Array

After learning what the meta data is, it would be best to create a general routine that takes an array of images and a target data type (float, byte, rgb, whatever) and turns it into an array of that type.

Finishing Touch

Once you have the transform and the data as a single array, you can use the VolumeArrayFactory? to generate the volume and put that in the VolumeData?. See the MincDecoder? for an example.