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The Phoronix Test Suite (PTS) is a handy framework for easily running a variety of open source benchmarks. A phoronix-test-suite package is available for Fedora and Red Hat (EPEL).

Since many of the benchmarks require compiling software, you may need to install build tools first. The basics:

sudo yum -y install php-common php-cli php-process libXpm php-gd php-fpdf libxslt php-xml SDL-devel SDL_gfx-devel SDL_image-devel SDL_net-devel SDL_ttf-devel gcc gcc-c++ make autoconf automake zlib-devel libaio-devel autoconf popt-devel numactl-devel cmake yasm 
sudo yum -y install phoronix-test-suite
# type "Y" agree to license and answer questions; if planning on full automation, answer "N" to name prompts 
phoronix-test-suite batch-setup
phoronix-test-suite batch-install openssl
phoronix-test-suite batch-benchmark openssl

Comparison Results

For example below is a comparison of Red Hat's KVM vs VMware ESXi 3.5 virtualization on the same hardware (Dell PowerEdge r610). Note that the PTS results automatically highlight the better value whether that's a lower or higher number, though you have to look closely for significant differences (in this case, PHP compile, SQLite inserts, Dbench, and Flexible IO).

A full suites of tests take a very long time to run. To run in fully automated mode, make sure you turned off prompts in phoronix-test-suite batch-setup and then start a set of benchmarks with nohup

nohup phoronix-test-suite batch-benchmark favorites &

Results look like this and are most interesting when compared:

Estimated Run-Time: 2 Minutes

OpenSSL 1.0.0e:
    Test 1 of 1
    Estimated Time Remaining: 2 Minutes
    Expected Trial Run Count: 4
        Started Run 1 @ 22:33:36
        Started Run 2 @ 22:33:58
        Started Run 3 @ 22:34:20
        Started Run 4 @ 22:34:42

  [Std. Dev: 0.00%]

    Test Results:

    Average: 43 Signs Per Second

Results Uploaded To:

You can easily compare openbenchmarking results like this:

phoronix-test-suite benchmark 1112128-LI-20111212213

Transferring test results

Uploading results to does not always work. However, you can transfer results to another machine and merge them into one report:

rsync -az $TESTSERVER:.phoronix-test-suite/test-results/2011-11-30-0816 ~/.phoronix-test-suite/test-results/
phoronix-test-suite list-saved-results
phoronix-test-suite merge-results 2011-11-30-0816 2011-11-30-1709