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    4242== Windows Backup == 
    44 Windows backups are kept on viscus, run from Task Scheduler. Users must keep data in their profile or the `C:\Users\` directory for it to be backed up. 
    46 To restore: 
    47  1. Start->Run `ntbackup` and select a backup set on the left. Unfortunately it does not give any indication of the date of each backup set.  
    48  1. Select a backup set (for example, `\\ROSSE\users\`) by clicking on the checkbox, and ntbackup will ask you to find the data, point it to `F:\Backup Data\RosseDataBackup.bkf` (or the appropriate file for your system)  
    49  1. Select the files to restore via the annoyingly small left pane (it's often easiest to just restore everything, since it's a pretty fast disk copy) 
    50  1. By default ntbackup will want to restore back to the "Original Locations" on that system. To put the files in a temporary location, create a directory and then click Advanced and tell it to restore to "Alternate Location" such as `F:\tmp\`. 
    51  1. Click through the wizard, the default settings are normally fine. 
    52  1. Click OK when ntbackup asks again for the backup file (I think it asks in case your indexes are on disk but the data on tape?) 
    53  1. Wait for the restore to complete 
    55 We currently use Microsoft's built-in simple backup software. The current scheme is to have full backups done weekly and incrementals done daily. Only the two previous full backups will be stored for access to data from two weeks prior, but the oldest of these will be deleted when a new full backup is stored. Two tools I've heard good reviews about are Robocopy or BackupPC, maybe someday we'll investigate those but for now this is working fine. 
    57 Backups are on viscus, run from the Task Scheduler. To see a command, right-click a task and click Properties. 
    58 An example single task, for the `ROSSE` machine, looks similar to this (lines broken for readability, definitions at 
    59 {{{ 
    60 C:\WINNT\system32\NTBACKUP.EXE backup  
    61 "@C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows NT\NTBackup\data\Rosse Normal Backup.bks"  
    62 /n "Rosse Normal Backup" /d "Rosse Normal Backup"  
    63 /v:no /r:no /rs:no /hc:off /m normal  
    64 /j "Rosse Normal Backup"  
    65 /l:s  
    66 /f "F:\Backup Data\RosseDataBackup.bkf" 
    67 }}} 
    68 The bks (backup script) files are very simple, for example: 
    69 {{{ 
    70 \\ROSSE\profiles\ 
    71 \\ROSSE\users\ 
    72 }}} 
    74 === Archives for Windows Backup === 
    76 The backup data (in the form of .bkf files) for for inactive machines are kept in the folder c:\archives\ on the windows domain server Cor.  
    78 Here is a list of the machines that have archived backup data (as of 8/9/2006): 
    79 {{{ 
    80 Adriana 
    81 Axon 
    82 Azygos 
    83 Cranium 
    84 Femur 
    85 Lyra 
    86 Otolith 
    87 Pancreas 
    88 Retina 
    89 Rosse 
    90 Thorax 
    91 Truncus 
    92 Volaris 
    93 }}} 
    94 Please note that even though these machines are not generating new data (whether they be turned off or gone completely) the backup scripts that point to these machines are still intact should they ever be used again in the future. 
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