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Problems in biomedical practice and investigation require the representation of biological structures and the processes in which they participate. Representing and solving such problems is difficult, however, because, first, available bioinformatical knowledge resources are at once too broad and too narrow to efficiently and concisely represent multidomain, multidisciplinary problems. Second, whereas bioinformatics has pioneered the development of ontologies for representing biological structures, the representation of biological processes has lagged considerably. Physiologists and bioengineers, however, have a long history of formally representing biological processes in terms of quantitative data and physics-based biosimulations. We propose, therefore, an ontology-based knowledge representation for lightweight, reusable Application Models (ApplModels) based on the ApplModel Ontology (AMO) that can integrate bioinformatical and biosimulation resources for a more comprehensive representation of biomedical solutions.

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