AnnoteImage is a Java GUI tool for creating Image Markup Language (IML), an XML format for storing textual annotations to images. The annotation model is one of outlined regions, identified by labels, and colored 'strings' and 'pins'. The IML schema also allows for some limited metadata about the annotations. IML was based on an existing lisp-like format used in our web-based interactive anatomy atlases. AnnoteImage is available from the SIG downloads page, including source code.

The latest version has an anatomical term search which calls a QueryManager template (which basically queries for the label of all regional and constitutional parts and parses the OWL results with Jena into a JTree

There are several alternate versions of AnnoteImage tagged in SVN, including:

  • webstart : hacks out all File operations so to run AnnoteImage unsigned via Java WebStart (includes OWL term search)
  • livewire-non-toboggan : not-quite-completed feature by Todd, similar to Photoshop "magnetic lasso"; has performance issues on large images
  • AnnoteImage-2.7-with-FMA : embeds Protege chooser frame (requires a PPRJ file with connection to an FMA MySQL database)
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