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Current projects (also see WebServices)

Wiki Page Project Page Code Location Online Demo
wiki: MindSeer brain/BrainJ3d MindSeer Demo
wiki: XBrain svn:XBrain XBrain Demo
wiki: MsXBrain N/A brain/xbraintomindseer XBrain Devel

Older projects deployed on production machines:

Related to the Foundational Model of Anatomy

  • Note: FMA downloads are at vagal:/usr/local/share/sigweb/downloads/fma/FMA_Release
Wiki Page Project Page Code Location Online Demo FMA install
wiki: FMEInstall N/A source:fme/trunk FME Demo
wiki: OqaFma symkb/server OQAFMA Demo WebGAPP Demo
OQAFMA Lisp FMS2 fma:8098 Emily Demo

Related to the Digital Anatomist

Wiki Page Project Page Code Location Online Demo
wiki: DaAtlases Digital Anatomist Atlases Demo
N/A Image Retrieval System Demo
N/A Digital Atlas Client Demo
N/A Who Wants to Be A (Digital) Anatomist? Demo
N/A Digital Anatomist Jigsaw Puzzle Demo

Unformatted table

Name Website Demo/Location?
Image Manager WIRM Repository Image Manager WIRM Repository Demo
Brain Map WIRM Repository Brain Map WIRM Repository Demo
Eye Lab Image Repository Eye Lab Image Repository Demo
Lisp FMS1 sphenoid:2322
Dynamic Scene Generator Server uvula:6307?
Dynamic Scene Generator Dynamic Scene Generator Demo
Brain Visualizer Graphics Server uvula:23456
Brain Browser Web Interface Brain Browser Web Interface Demo
SIG Publications DB SIG Publications DB Demo
SIG Inventory DB SIG Inventory DB Demo
BodyGen BodyGen Demo
X_Batch X_Batch Demo
Single-Cell Recording EMS Single-Cell Recording EMS Demo

Really old stuff