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Current projects (also see WebServices):

Wiki Page Project Page Code Location Online Demo
wiki: MindSeer brain/BrainJ3d MindSeer Demo
wiki: XBrain svn:XBrain XBrain Demo
wiki: MsXBrain N/A brain/xbraintomindseer XBrain Devel

Older projects deployed on production machines:

Wiki Page Project Page Code Location Online Demo
wiki: FMEInstall N/A source:fme/trunk FME Demo
wiki: OqaFma symkb/server OQAFMA Demo

Unformatted table:

Name Website Demo/Location?
Image Manager WIRM Repository Image Manager WIRM Repository Demo
Brain Map WIRM Repository Brain Map WIRM Repository Demo
Eye Lab Image Repository Eye Lab Image Repository Demo
Foundational Model of Anatomy DB incus:mysql
OQAFMA Lisp FMS2 fma:8098
GAPP Server fma:4241
OQAFMA Server fma:4242
Foundational Model Explorer Foundational Model Explorer Demo
Emily Emily Demo
Lisp FMS1 sphenoid:2322
Dynamic Scene Generator Server uvula:6307?
Dynamic Scene Generator Dynamic Scene Generator Demo
Brain Visualizer Graphics Server uvula:23456
Brain Browser Web Interface Brain Browser Web Interface Demo
Digital Anatomist Atlases Digital Anatomist Atlases Demo
DA Image Retrieval System Image Retrieval System Demo
Digital Atlas Client Digital Atlas Client Demo
Who Wants to Be A (Digital) Anatomist? Who Wants to Be A (Digital) Anatomist? Demo
Digital Anatomist Jigsaw Puzzle Digital Anatomist Jigsaw Puzzle Demo
SIG Publications DB SIG Publications DB Demo
SIG Inventory DB SIG Inventory DB Demo
BodyGen BodyGen Demo
X_Batch X_Batch Demo
Single-Cell Recording EMS Single-Cell Recording EMS Demo

Really old stuff: