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To add a new user to the system, we use newuser (or specifically, /usr/local/data/i386-linux/sbin/newuser). This will create the necessary home directory and NFS automount configuration on the machines in addition to the creation of the user. Note that to use this script you will have to have an ssh-agent running with the root account private key added ('eval ssh-agent; ssh-add' should suffice). To change your passwd or shell, use 'passwd' and 'chsh' respectively.

Here is information for Windows users:

I've now created your SIG LDAP account. Whenever
you're ready to try logging in, start Programs->
"UWICK Applications"->"SSH Secure FTP"->"Secure FTP"
(If you don't have "UWICK Applications" get it here: )

Click on "Quick Connect" and put the hostname:

and your username. Leave the port number as 22. Click
connect and it will ask you about the SSH key, select
the last option "Proceed and save key" and then enter
the temporary password we set up.

Then you are connected. Go to "Window|New Terminal"
to get a command line and type 'passwd' to change your
password. The built-in LDAP password program is fairly
picky about strong passwords. Enjoy!