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#64 fixed ssh access should be more convenient joshuadf joshuadf

SSH dictionary attacks are on the rise, and some of our users may not have strong passwords (plus it fills the logs). Right now I block everything off-campus and manually add home IP addresses to /etc/hosts.allow which is inconvenient.

#63 fixed nvidia/ati drivers on linux joshuadf joshuadf

Due to various political issues Nvidia, ATI, and Red Hat do not get along so loading accellerated 3D drivers is a pain. I accomplish it with these steps:

  1. Download FC3 RPMs of the drivers and kernel module SPECs from, a third party site in France which distributes sanely packaged goods that Red Hat will not or cannot distribute with Fedora Core. (FC3 is mostly compatible with RHEL4.)
  2. Add a user and build RHEL4 RPMs as that user (see RebuildRpms for details)
  3. Install the new RPMs and add an init script graphics-kernel-module to build a module automatically if a new kernel is detected at boot time

Unfortunately something seems to go wrong after the first reboot. My current wild guess is that the module is not being automatically built in time for X11 to see it.

Here is a longish rant from a Red Hat developer on the brain-dead things the proprietary tarball installers do:

#62 fixed Windows pops up insert disk dialog ebmoore ebmoore

for floppies only do get path

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