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#87 fixed use robocopy for backups k1@… joshuadf

The current backups are kept in since very large files, accessible only with Microsoft's very basic Backup tool. We should switch to robocopy for its simplicity:

As an alternative, you could use a command line copy program like robocopy.exe with the scheduler, which should run just fine without user interaction. It will keep the individual files seperate and in the same folder structure on the backup drive instead of packing them into a single archive folder. 

This should only require writing the batch files.

JE will set this up on Jim's computer dendrite as a pilot.

#101 fixed update hardware inventory k1@… joshuadf

Since we've moved out of G and H wings and gotten new machines for Todd and Onard, our hardware inventory is out of date. JE and I can work on this during the summer.


  • keep at least one public machine ready to use
  • catalog good and broken hardware and store it neatly in T170b
#85 fixed track down how many licenses we have for Adobe software k1@… joshuadf

Add to LicensedSoftware

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