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#81 fixed install scanner k1@… joshuadf

We have a Microtek 9800XL scanner that Jim would like to have available for use.

I've put some details at ScannerSoftware.

Not sure if photoshop has to be installed, hopefully not.

#82 fixed reinstall Windows on virus-infected machines k1@… joshuadf

Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:


The following machines of ours were apparently infected: otolith (Hao's) scarpa (Wayne's) atlas (formerly August's)

CAC has disabled their network at the wall ports for now. I'm not sure why the automatic Microsoft and anti-virus updates didn't work. Considering none of those are in frequent use, I would recommend reinstalling Windows as soon as possible.

I was able to reformat all three machines, install windows, install drivers, and install office XP on atlas. Also, since scarpa had a windows xp key i went ahead and installed xp on that machine. Also, I installed the latest Virusscan 8.0 and enabled the firewall.

However, I was unable to unblock otolith and scarpa because their network access is completely blocked (they can't even ping), so I wasn't able to log into the CAC unblock page. I think we will have to contact CAC to get them unblocked manually.

I was able to log into the unblock page with atlas, but it wasn't able to unblock it, possibly because it has IE 5 (I'm not entirely sure since it said unable to block, but also had some sort of scripting error pop up.) What makes it even better was that I was unable to update to IE 6.0 since the download installer doesn't work with the net access block in place. So... I was able to grab an old version of autopatcher 2k that was on another machine's file share which installed IE 6 and also started the autopatcher to install whatever patches it had up to that point. Also with the limited network access I was able to join atlas to the domain and it installed firefox automatically.

And that's as far as I got. The problem is that I'm going on a trip to new york with my Dad and the rest of my family, and won't be back until next tuesday. I was hoping to get it all done today but the inabilty to unblock the machines got me stuck and I ran out of time. Hopefully, since those machines aren't in much use very often it won't be that much of an issue if they are offline until I can come back and finish setting them up next week. Sorry for leaving things such a mess, hope it doesn't inconvience anyone too badly.

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#83 fixed set up rack mount server k1@… joshuadf

The parts have arrived.

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