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Notes on adding AppleScript? SVN tools

1Notes for adding AppleScript SVN to Mac OSX:
31. Scripts and partial (not quite working) instructions can be found here:
52. The Scripts that the user will need should be inserted into their user script folder: ...userdir/Library/Scripts
6        a. May need to make hidden folders visible to see Library folder in Finder, run this in terminal: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
7        b. May need to manually create Scripts folder
93. Need to activate scripts in menu bar
10        a. Launch /Applications/Utilities/Applescript Editor
11        b. in menu bar select preferences
12        c. Select "show script menu in menu bar"
13        d. Deselect "Show computer scripts"
153. Checkout URL should look as follows: svn+ssh://
16        a. change the 'onard@' to suit particular user name